Shooting 'It's You' by Randy Ang

Singaporean singer-songwriter Sezairi (lots of S there) called me up a month or so ago and allowed me to enjoy his new single 'It's You'. The song is beautiful - and it kept playing in my head.

We discussed extensively on the feeling we wanted to capture for his latest music video. Initial thoughts were to have him performing and we show moments of couples from the 80s - as if we are going through our parent's wedding pictures and videos.

“It’s about the fears you’d expect a relationship to have you know – of losing someone, of losing yourself, of commitment; and eventually putting all these fears to rest.” Understanding his motivation, we arrived at a brand new concept instead.

We wanted it to be moments you don't see at a wedding. A bride's anxiety, being overwhelmed and feeling lost. These are the private moments, just before the wedding day. These are the moments you won't show in a wedding video. It was pretty timely, I was weeks away from getting married myself at that time.

Carla Dunareanu showed up thereafter. And she was a real gem. She was schoolmates with Sezairi and she too is getting married soon. Her feelings are very authentic. I believe she was more than happy to be able to show the range of emotions we needed for the video. Actor!

The shoot with Sezairi was at Yellow Box Studio. And many thanks to Rennie and Susie for being so accommodating. Sezari just brought it. He sang the song at least 50x that day. Once again, brilliant camerawork by Jack Chen and his team, whom I am ever grateful to work with.

For the sequence with Carla as the bride, I wanted the direction on set to be more fluid and we allowed the camera to run and we simply capture. After some of the shots, we discussed how we felt and we shot the next shot according to the emotions. It was a little tricky because we literally shot the sequences backward with the day scenes first. 

A big thank you Sony Music and Sezairi for letting us be a part of this.


'It's You' by Sezairi - Music Video by Randy Ang

And here it is, the music video 'It's You' by Sezairi. Featuring Carla Dunareanu. A bit thank you to Sony Music Singapore and to the crew with Director of Photography Jack Chen, Producer Nicholas Chu, and Editor Mike Chew. And a special shoutout to Wedding Crafters for the beautiful gown. Oh yes, and to my Uncle Richard for giving us his 'first time' on-screen moment.

Enjoy, it's you.

'Ali Baba' on Viddsee by Randy Ang

It's always great for filmmakers to receive compliments, thank you Celestine! More often than not, these compliment goes to the director or to the talents but filmmaking is really a team effort. To the team behind 'Ali Baba'; you guys are deserving all the praises. 

You can watch 'Ali Baba' on Viddsee as well:

Or you may wish to visit the 15 Shorts website to view some behind the scenes and watch the other films.

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Repost: Review of Short Film 'Ali Baba' by Randy Ang

A big thank you to Miranda Cardenas for the review of my latest short film 'Ali Baba' as part of the 15 Shorts initiative. An extract from the post which my team and I were striving to tell.

Besides portraying the heartlessness surrounding the treatment of this foreign worker by his employers, the film also highlights that society is also complicit when we wilfully look away from the issues plaguing migrant construction workers, so stark and blatant. 

You can read the post here –

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Welcome to No-Trash Island by Randy Ang

Got a set of figures from 'Island of Dogs' and decided to have some fun with stop-motion; haven't done it since I was in school. So over this weekend, made this little clip:


Our friends from Trash Island are here. And they have brought the boy from Megasaki City. Welcome to No-Trash Island Singapore! 

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@fox_singapore #foxsingapore #colortvstudio #isleofdogs opens in cinemas May 10.